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We have developed a completely custom theme and a website for our partners at Goally. It is a suite of therapy apps for special needs kids used by clinicians, educators, and parents.

It was a challenging WordPress project. Aimed to deliver the WEB part for a growing Goally startup. They help special kids understand daily routines in ways that make sense to them. Their visual schedule app and AAC talker empower kids to grow their independence skills.

Tech Stack:

The project was based on Elementor and included several custom-build widgets called to connect new design challenges with API. As well we have included API to analyze and fast-load content to the site.
Custom-built theme completely covers unique design and offers clean and well-structured code. The lazy-load solution allows to prioritize and fragmentize content parts, loading the most valuable content on demand.
Deep and manual SEO and OG tags setup allowed to deliver the highly optimized project.

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