Why choose us?

Why choose Ukrainian developers:

1. Talent. Ukraine has over 100000 IT professionals and with 15.000 IT graduates annually, Ukraine in 2014 was ranked 4th place in the world in terms of the certified IT specialists and still remains a leader in the industry

2. Education. A strong Education system means that 87% of graduates in Ukraine enter a university and about 30% of them choose an IT-related field of study.

3. Culture. Developers from Ukraine have a more collaborative/cooperative and flexible approach to projects. This allows for better coordination with a company and more consistency within teams.

4. Location. Ukraine’s proximity to West Europe allows you to arrange meetings with the development team with a lot less expense, and for western European clients it may only take 1-3 hours to reach their nearshore development team in Ukraine.

5. Cost. Web development is notably cheaper than Slovakia, Czech Republic, Poland and Romania and offers the best value for money especially for companies with limited resources, saving western countries up to 70% on their total IT cost/budget.

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